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Many people have asked how Lady Jayne came to be. Here is how it all began...


I used to sing for a living, and, of course, part of entertaining is dressing for the part. After an evening of wearing earrings I would have sore ears for days! I didn't realize I was having an allergic reaction to the nickel.

One night during my break I was sitting with a jeweler and his wife and they told me about nickel-free jewelry. From that day on I searched for pieces that were nickel-free... Since I was having a difficult time finding them, I would take the earrings that I liked and put a plastic posts on them. How silly, right?!


After years of research I came to realize there was a need for education and services the public about the awareness of nickle-free jewelry. No matter where I go, if I'm talking to four girls at least one of them has the same problem. Wouldn't you think that the manufacturers would like to make us happy? Not if it is going to cost them another processing fee. So sorry girls!


I decided to take a chance and research my new idea. After about eight months (and a lot of help from my mom) we began to make our first charms in the Spring of 1993. 

Charm earrings have been around since "Pretty Woman." They started to catch on, but only a few pieces were 14k gold. Very expensive! My first pair were almost $200.00 and if I wasn't in the mood for hearts that day, I was out of luck.


I began in the mall with a kiosk selling up a storm. When women started asking me if I did home parties, my immediate response was NO, thinking only of the home parties that I had been conned into going to. I was not only completely bored, but I was pushed into buying something I didn't need or want and wondered how I got myself there in the first place. 


Time after time girls asked if I did home parties, and I said, "No, I'm sorry, I don't." Then one day a good customer came to the mall and told me she was having 10 girls at her home. She asked, "would you please come by and bring your jewelry?" I said of course. It was a big hit! I found there was an opportunity for a new type of party plan: 
1) One with a short demo.
2) One that didn't last all evening (2 hours is plenty).
3) No sales pressure.
4) Cash and carry. (NO Delivery)
5) Little or no effort from the hostess (she can enjoy her guests) 


My evenings started to fill up and I had such a great time. What fun! I usually brought my mom (by request of the ladies). Sometimes they would rebook if she wasn't going to be able to come with me. I used to get a big kick out of that—boy that made me feel great. She was such a great Lady and the best friend any daughter could have, so, I decided to name my new company after her, Lady Jayne. I wish you all could have met her. 

Years ago my mother got sick for a very short time. She passed away just when my business was starting to grow, so she never got to see what the girls of Lady Jayne have made of it. If she only knew we were not only in New York, but worldwide.


This is a fabulous opportunity for each and everyone of you!
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